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Boneless mutton

₹577.00 ₹569.99

Boneless mutton has a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals.... It helps to prevent anemia. -It helps in maintaining muscle mass.... It also contains niacin which helps to promote energy metabolism.... It helps to maintain healthy thyroid function

Mutton mince

₹930.00 ₹911.00

A Great Source For Essential Minerals. ... Loaded With Protein. ... Good For Heart. ... Healthy Vitamins...

goat bones

₹250.00 ₹241.98

May be anti-ageing. Bone broth is associated with collagen, a structural protein found in skin, cartilage and bone. ... Good for digestion and gut health. Gelatine is the most abundant protein in bone broth. ... May support immune function. ... May support joint health. ... May help promote sleep.

mutton rib chops

₹545.00 ₹535.99

Lamb Meat – A Fantastic Source of Iron. As a red meat, lamb inherently has a lot more iron than other protein sources like chicken or fish. ... A Vitamin B Powerhouse. ... A Way to Boost Your Immune System. ... Anti-Inflammatory Assets. ... A Healthy Source of Protein.

mutton shoulder meat

₹600.00 ₹590.99

Not only is it a rich source of high-quality protein, but it is also an outstanding source of many vitamins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Because of this, regular consumption of lamb may promote muscle growth, maintenance, and performance. In addition, it helps prevent anemia.