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Chennaisandhai is a professional team aimed to bring healthy, tasty, nutritious, fresh farm food, directly to the consumers. This is a bridging platform that provides a simple & effective, good user experience of your shopping & to fullfil your family food requirements. We are committed and dedicated to you and your family health by providing good fresh & nutritious food products directly from the farms. Chennaisandhai is focusing on Chennai & in and around Chennai geographically to provide best user experience by supplying ready to cook & ready to eat food products in the following categories:


Chennaisandhai is also engaged in creating a healthy community in your local region, to participate in your local community chapters and get various discounts offered and benefits ( ).

To create your local community & to become a community leader as a part of our social entrepreneurship model, click here to reach out to us. (CLICK HERE). —>


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Chennaisandhai pleasure to invite you to join in our family as a franchisee & partner with the following opportunities.


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