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Oyster Mushroom - Fresh

₹55.00 ₹50.00

சென்னை சந்தை Natural Fresh Oyster Mushroom directly from farms


Millet Cookies

₹55.00 ₹39.00

Natural Millets Cookies


whole meal bread

₹45.00 ₹40.00

hey help maintain good levels of cholesterol, lipids and sugar in the blood and lead to a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and they also have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, the fibers contribute to a sense of satiety over time and maintain a healthy body weight.

Ragi cookies

₹60.00 ₹55.00

A rich source of Vitamin D, it improves skin tissues and reduces wrinkles. Diabetes: Ragi has a low glycemic index and hence, reduces food cravings. It helps in keeping the blood sugar in check. Anemia: Ragi is a good source of iron and helps in improving hemoglobin levels.


₹35.00 ₹30.00

The rusk has many advantages. It is a dry piece product, like a biscuit, and is resistant to microbiological contamination. When wrapped at the point of production, it is safe and wholesome with a shelf life of 12 months. The rusk is pre-weighed and delivers an exact known quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Soup Powder

₹40.00 ₹37.85

Vegetable- and broth-based soups may provide plenty of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and fiber while being low in calories and fat.

Oyster Mushrooms

₹180.00 ₹175.00

Rich in nutrients. Oyster mushrooms are loaded with fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients. ... Source of antioxidants. ... May benefit heart health. ... May promote blood sugar regulation. ... Immune-supportive benefits. ... Other potential benefits. ... Versatile and delicious.

Adhi Bojya


Instant breakfast just in 23 seconds. Can be given to 3 years child and above. Good for sugar patient as it gets slowly digested. It is a gluten free product. No need to boil just mix drink and enjoy. House wife need not go to kitchen for preparing breakfast or dinner. Goes well with buttermilk and normal milk also. No added sugar. No added flavours. No added color . No added preservatives . Best before 5 months from the date of manufacturing. High in calcium.

9G Cookies - Iron Rich

₹100.00 ₹95.00

Natural Sugar High rich cookies

Sweet butter biscuits

₹120.00 ₹115.00