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White prawn

₹211.00 ₹162.00

Prawns are full of nutrients. They are packed with protein and low in carbohydrates. It helps to build muscle and aids in weight loss. It comes in 20-30 pcs and weighs about 250g. It serves about 3-4 people.


₹255.00 ₹250.00

Rohu fish is enriched with a handsome amount of protein. Packed with omega 3 fatty acids and vitamins A, B and C. You should eat rohu at least once a week to maintain good health.

Blue crab

₹466.00 ₹420.00

Rich in vitamins and minerals, crab meat offers a number of impressive health benefits, is low in fat and contains omega-3 polyunsaturated acid.


₹251.00 ₹230.00

Firm texture, lean meat that is popular in south Indian cuisine. It is low in saturated fat. It's a good source of niacin, vitamins B6 and B12, calcium, proteins, phosphorus, and selenium.

White pomfret / silver pomfret

₹688.00 ₹650.00

The white pomfret is silver-skinned saltwater flatfish with a delicate flavour and buttery texture.

Queen fish

₹249.00 ₹179.00

It is amazingly tasty one,local name for this fish is 'udupoori' or 'undressed'

Silver croaker

₹299.00 ₹199.00

Like to taste exclusively marine fish??? Then just go for this. Generally not big but tastes yummy!!! Enjoy Diving into a sea of flavours!!!

White sardine

₹225.00 ₹169.00

It has high nutritional value

Jumbo flower tiger shrimp

₹799.00 ₹625.00

Jumbo flower tiger shrimp is simply a work of art with rich taste. Want to try something different just go for this!

Indian prawns/ venamai

₹339.00 ₹275.00

"Support your local hooker"_ venamai is India's extensively exported prawns. Which is grown along with paddy fields by farmers

Sea butterfish

₹329.00 ₹319.00

Butterfish,any of the thin, deep-bodied, more or less oval and silvery fishes of the family Stromateidae (order Perciformes). Butterfishes are found in warm and temperate seas and are characterized by a small mouth, forked tail, and a single dorsal fin


₹259.00 ₹249.00

sharks typically have a tough skin that is dull gray in colour and is roughened by toothlike scales